Adan Ramos is a Portland, OR. native whose fascination with photography started as a young boy when he first picked up his father’s Nikon 35mm film camera. Having dabbled in many areas of photography in his teens to early 20s, Adan was the go-to guy among his friends and family when it came to event photography and family portraits. He learned quickly that he enjoyed capturing the most extraordinary details out of what would be considered the most ordinary things, and so began his portfolio expansion to landscape and street photography where he focussed on the beauty that is the Pacific Northwest. He found inspiration in scenic hikes, Portland locals whose faces tell a compelling truth about life’s ups and downs, architecture, and the local skateboarding and music scene.


In 2013, during a phase where inspiration was stale, Adan met his future wife, Kathryn.

Kathryn shared a mutual infatuation with Adan for the outdoors, music, whisky, and sports. A fellow Pacific Northwest native and a self-proclaimed foodie, she admired art and photography that was candid and emotional; and though she had yet to venture in photographing, Adan noticed early on that Kathryn had an eye that appreciated different qualities than what he was used to in his style of photography. Together, the two have traveled across the world- experiencing new cultures and foods, gaining new perspectives, learning to get better at their craft, and starting Adan Ramos Photography LLC. together as husband and wife.


Kathryn’s background in culinary arts and keen eye for colors and texture combined with Adan’s precision, understanding of lighting, and attention to detail makes for a portfolio that exudes their passion to create. Their priority in each collaboration is that everything is personal and unique to every client and their goal is to exceed expectations. They currently reside in the Vancouver/Portland Metropolitan area with their toddler son and two dogs and are excited to take on new clients and projects together.